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Oculoplastic is an ophthalmic sub-specialty which deals with problems pertaining to the eyelids, lacrimal system, orbit, and aesthetic lid surgery.

Which are the common disorders treated with Orbit and Oculoplasty?

  • Ptosis - drooping of upper lids.

  • Lid retraction - large eyes.

  • Dacryocystitis - Lax lids, Inward / Outward turning of lids

  • Watering of eyes.

  • Artificial / prosthetic eyes.

  • Ocular oncology to deal with cancers of the eye, the orbit, the lids and the face.

  • Lid tumors and reconstruction.

  • Orbit diseases.

  • Thyroid Eye Disease.

  • Orbital Fractures.

  • Blepharoplasty of upper lid and lower lid for excess skin, muscle and fat.

  • Browpexy - Brow lifts

  • Aesthetic lid surgery.

  • Treatment for deep-rooted wrinkles, crow’s feet, blepharospasm, facial spasms.

  • Fillers for the removal of static wrinkles.

  • Mid-face lifts for removal of facial wrinkles and younger appearing facial features

Orbit & Oculoplastic

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